10 Year Anniversary Present

This weekend marks my ten-year anniversary of moving my house to this community. And here is my anniversary present. LOL


The good news is, the water leak is fixed. It was the water main. The bad news is, there’s a big hole and a huge pile of muck in my neighbor’s yard. Other good news is there were hundreds of ants in my neighbors rotted fence that I annihilated with foamy wasp spray.

Yesterday was quite stressful. When the shovel wasn’t enough to get to the problem they brought in what looked like a miniature front loader. Each time Charlie took a scoop of dirt out more dirt collapsed from under my house. The hole kept getting bigger and bigger and deeper and deeper and more of the dirt under my house kept collapsing. Thankfully my home sits on concrete piers, but it makes me nervous nonetheless. Visions of the man in Florida that was sucked in the sinkhole while sleeping in his bed went through my mind. (because this is right outside of my bedroom and the dirt that was collapsing is under my bedroom.

I can see how sinkholes form and move so quickly. Between the water main leak and all the torrential rain we had here the night before it was almost impossible for Charlie to get to a point where the hole wasn’t full of mucky, muddy water. The sump pump could only do so much and then it was sucking mud and getting clogged.

So ten years ago I was stressed because my whole house with everything in it was going up the highway at sixty miles per hour. Now ten years later I was stressed over my house collapsing into a sinkhole of water. I think the worst of it is over, but I will feel much better when the hole is filled and covered over again. I have been checking on it periodically, by opening my back door and looking out, to make sure that it isn’t filling up with water. So far so good.

My pain level is through the roof from the stress of yesterday and from being outside in the heat for two hours while they were working. This is when I really wish I had a husband. He could have been out there or at least made me dinner last night or even held me last night when I was crying from the pain in my body. I know I didn’t have to be outside while it was being fixed, but this is my home and I need to know what is going on with it.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. The water is on and the problem appears to be fixed. Thank you God for listening to my prayers yesterday.

2. I killed hundreds of ants so they won’t be coming near my home.

3. I don’t have anywhere to be today and I don’t have to be in the sound room at church tomorrow so I can try to rest this pain ridden body.


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