The Hole Deepens

Kind of like the plot thickens, the hole deepens.

This is a picture from yesterday afternoon. After I stepped into the quagmire, after I told the office, and after the maintenance guy dug a little bit to see if he could see where it was coming from.


Then this morning after a little bit more digging.


And now we’re waiting on a machine to come from the home office to assist with digging even deeper. Oh yay! Good news is I won’t be mowing grass on that spot anytime soon. LOL!!!

The water is back on temporarily until the machine to dig gets here. Then the water will be off again. For how long? Don’t know? I would hope it will be back on this evening.

So I was up at 5:30 this morning. I wanted to be showered, dressed, dishes done, and wash done by the time they got started and shut the water off. And I was.

Thankfully my propane line isn’t an issue. It’s actually running above ground under my house behind the skirting. The line is only underground from the tanks to under the house. Good to know for future reference.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I don’t have to find someone to make the repair to the water line.

2. I’m dressed and showered and ready for a nap.

3. Lesson 4 is available today. Hopefully over the weekend I can get both Lesson 3 and 4 assignments done.


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