Quagmire Around the Corner

I intended today to be a quiet day because I had an optical migraine yesterday and that’s an indication that I need more rest. But life had different plans.

My major goal for today was to go to Weis and fill up twelve, one gallon jugs with water to drink. I did that. When I came home I noticed ants on my skirting and realized I hadn’t done an ant check in a couple of days, so before bringing the water in I decided to check around the house.

As I rounded the corner by my propane tanks I sunk into a quagmire of mud and water that sucked me and my flip-flops in. Uggghh! As I pulled myself free from the muddy puddle I started to investigate because I know that puddle is not from the rain yesterday.

I could see the water bubbling up like the fountain of youth, although I’m sure that’s not what it’s a fountain of. It didn’t stink so I don’t think it was sewage (at least I hope not or those flip-flops will be garbage bound).

I called the office immediately because I pay lot rent for the land my home sits on. This is their problem, not mine. Of course, no answer. So I finished my ant check, brought the water in, tried to call the office again, and then decided to trot my ass up to the office.

The manager was there, eating lunch. I told her I normally wouldn’t bother her, but the water was leaking a lot. So she sent one of the maintenance guys over to my home and he said they had looked all up and down my street this week looking for this leak. Well maybe they’ll give me a finder’s fee!

So now they’re talking about bringing in a back hoe tomorrow to dig that up, which will be an impossibility with the neighbors shed and fence right there and my propane tanks.

I told the man that my propane lines run along that side of my house. I will definitely be up and dressed early tomorrow morning for a couple of reasons. One in case the water gets shut down and two to remind them of the propane lines. I really don’t need a propane leak.

So much for a relaxing day.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I decided to do the ant check around my house.

2. I read Lesson 3 last night and it was really interesting.

3. I will be in bed early tonight.


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