Lesson three was posted today on character development. I glanced through the lesson and the supplementary websites the instructor listed. Wow! What a wealth of information. I really like these ed2go courses. I’ve taken a couple of them in the past and I’ve liked all of them. The price is amazing for all the information you receive.

It’s been raining all morning here and when I last looked outside there was a river running down the street in front of my house. It’s times like this I’m glad I don’t have a basement.

I’m supposed to meet my girlfriend later, and I hope the rain is done by then. I really need to get to the grocery store for milk, bread and salad too.

My pain level is high (nothing new), but at least I don’t have the annoying headache that plagued me yesterday.

I’ve been reading posts on Facebook from a chronic pain group and I am amazed at the treatment most of the people get. And not in a good way. I’m astounded how many doctors push the anti-seizure drug neurotin for pain and that awful drug lyrica supposedly for fibromyalgia. Two drugs my doctor wouldn’t even consider putting me on. When the pain clinic tried to switch me from percocet to neurotin he told me to just cancel any follow-up appointments. Then these patients wonder why they’re twitching and weak. One thing as patients we MUST BE OUR OWN ADVOCATE!!!

If you have a chronic illness of any sort, even high blood pressure, educate yourself by looking up the medicine they want to give you so you know the possible risks. There are always risks and benefits with any form of treatment, whether it be surgery or medication. Be informed. Be your own advocate. Find a doctor to partner with you in your fight, not one who tells you what to do.

Ok I’m off my soapbox now.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. My doctor and the way he works with me in battling this illness.

2. I can’t wait to start Lesson 3.

3. Sounds like the rain has let up.


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  1. I always tell people with chronic illnesses that you have to be your own advocate. I suffer from several chronic illnesses. I’ve been overdosed, not only once, but twice by the same doctor at the pain clinic. I ended up in the hospital. I couldn’t talk, walk or remember anything. My blood pressure dropped to 64/29 and was rushed to ICU. I can’t even tell you how many doctor’s I had to go to in order to get the team of doctor’s I now have. The best team of doctor’s for me. I even went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Big waste of time and money I didn’t have. I am on medications, but I’ve been practicing meditation and mindfulness for quite awhile now and was about ready to give up, thinking it was all just a bunch of BS and then all of a sudden over the past week I started reaping the rewards of this “magical like” practice. It’s awesome and really does help. It takes a lot of hard work and time, but it does work. I now really look forward to meditating each and every day. I am disabled, so I have the time to do all the hard work. Good luck on your journey.

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