Daily Chores

Very long day here. It’s nighttime and my pain is at an all time high so please forgive me for any incoherent thoughts I may spew out.

I was up by 4:45 am to be at church for 7:45 to run pro presenter. I know that probably sounds ridiculous considering I’m only seven minutes away from my church. But I need time to make this stiff painful body move in the morning. So coffee, breakfast, medicine, shower, and stretches are all a must before I can walk out the door. And I like knowing the cat’s stuff is taken care of and my dishes are done before I leave too.

After church I came home and got the laundry going and folded towels from yesterday. After lunch I was in pain and fatigued so I had to lay down. I woke up thinking about Valley Farm and the grapes they had on sale for $1.59 a pound this week. They’re only open until 5:00 so I really needed to get there before I met my mom and sister or I wouldn’t get there. So I did.

Now I’m home and doing some more laundry. I’m tired and in pain and it’s time to go lay down and read until I pass out.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. It was a beautiful day to be outside.

2. The message at church on temptation was awesome.

3. I got grapes for a great price.


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