First Day of Class

A few moments ago I logged into my class for the first time to check out the discussion board. I already read Lesson one. I will introduce myself later. I am excited! I’ve always enjoyed learning, when it was a topic I enjoyed, of course. So I will focus on that later today.

This morning I need to get myself together because I’m meeting my girlfriends’ husband at the wholesale club to get some things I need. I can’t afford to join myself, nor does it make any sense, I’m only one person. They should really do reduced memberships for single people, but they don’t. Anyway, that’s where I get my allergy medications, vitamins, razors, and such. I need a lot because I haven’t been there in about three months. I know it will all have to go on a credit card because I don’t have any money left from my check, but I can’t live without my zyrtec and mucinex. Sadly those two medications used to be prescriptions and I only paid $7.00 for each for thirty days now I’m paying almost $50 for thirty days. Dr. Ehrig and I tried some other prescriptions to save me money, but of course I had bad allergic reactions to them. So at least I can get them a little cheaper at the wholesale club. Please Lord let them have what I need in stock.

I had a really nice time at lunch yesterday with a new friend. So even though I’m tired and in pain I’m smiling today.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. My class starts today!!!!!!

2. New challenges.

3. New friends.


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