Write About the Weight of Sleep


This was my writing prompt today and I like what poured out of me. So I’m going to share it. The picture is how it looks on paper. 🙂
No editing, just giving it to you the way it poured out of me.

Sleep seems light as a feather, more often than not, these days. The weight of deep sleep seems to elude this battle weary body. Chronic pain settles like a heavy blanket on my weary bones, making my body too irritated and uncomfortable to become weightless in the world where dreams are. Light as a feather my eyelids grow heavy as the pain wears on hour after long, weary, agonizing hour. Eyes closed praying for that moment of drifting off to weightless sleep to steal my pain away. Grateful for even an hour or two reprieve. The blissful feeling as you feel your mind and body fade away from all the worries and pain of the day. The moment when all is right in the world, snuggled under warm covers, sinking into sleep. Nothingness. Blackness. Bliss. Oh how I long for those times and am grateful for the brief periods of reprieve when my body allows that rest. Unfortunately, most nights bring tense muscles, painful joints, drugged feeling rest. Body wakes feeling like it chased a truck down a hundred mile stretch of highway all night. No rest for the weary and tired here.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. A nice lunch with a new friend. Great food and company.

2. Good advice on where to begin with choosing what writing to share with my new critique partner. (choose the oldest and coldest – what I haven’t looked at in a long time.)

3. My class starts tomorrow.


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One response to “Write About the Weight of Sleep

  1. Helen

    Linda, you are a true warrior of life. Go Girl Go!!

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