Message on Gratefulness

“How quickly our deepest requests, when granted, are absorbed into routine…”

The topic at church this weekend was gratefulness. The above quote was taken from a video that was played. I was fortunate to see it twice and be able to get that quote on paper.

As my mom, sister, and I walked into the awesome new worship center at Bethany Wesleyan Church we were blessed to run right into Pastor Robert. Mom thanked him for being so nice to her and going to see her last year when she was in the hospital with a broken neck. As we talked Pastor Robert’s wife, Andrea came over and gave my mom a hug. They are such a sweet couple. My mom was so happy to be able to see them before they move at the end of the month.

The second blessing was Andrea was playing keyboard and singing with the praise team and Pastor Robert was delivering the message. What a fantastic night and message on gratefulness. On the way home my mom was telling me when she thanks God for ordinary everyday things.

Sitting in church last night with my mom by my side the above quote resonated deep inside me. Just one year ago my mom had broken her neck in a car accident on June 1, 2012 and my deepest prayer requests were for her to be ok. For her to be able to get her license back and drive again. For her to be able to go places with my sister, without me. To be able to find her a decent car with the money she had.

Each request was answered over time. Over time as one request was answered the next began. And as the quote above states, each request was absorbed into the daily routine. Mom’s neck brace removed and her neck healed extremely well with no residual side effects. Her license restored. The car found and purchased for a decent price.

Now my life’s deepest requests are about me and my life. A husband to adore me. A helpmate to be here for me and I for him. A man who likes to eat so I can cook for him. A man to love and spend time laughing and doing life with. My daily pain to go away.

…”Our deepest requests absorbed into the routine…”

I hope someday these deepest requests will be absorbed into the routine and be a reality in my life.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. It was really nice to hear Pastor Robert deliver the message last night and Pastor Justin (the pink haired pastor) this morning.

2. I had a nice quiet day. When I came home from church I had lunch and crashed on the couch for three hours. That felt great. It’s a dreary rainy day (perfect for relaxing on the couch).

3. I had left over sausage spinach soup for dinner and froze the rest for rainy/snowy days in the future.


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