Long Sleepless Night, Busy Day

I had a horrible night’s sleep. Just as I was drifting off my phone started playing a song and I looked to find someone had invited me to play Candy Crush! AGGGGHHHH!!!! (I know you’re probably thinking, “Shut your phone off”. With my mom’s age and health I keep my phone on and by the bed.) That ruined my sleep for the night and I was never able to get back to that drifting off place. *Sigh* And today is going to be busier than I would like it to be without sleep.

I promised my mom and sister that I would meet them for an early dinner and then take them to my church for the service tonight so they can see Pastor Robert and Andrea before they leave. They’re moving at the end of this month so he can work on his Masters in Divinity I believe.

Pastor Robert and Andrea went to see my mom last year when she was in the hospital with a broken neck. They were so sweet to her and she’s never forgotten them. So I wanted to make sure she got to see them before they leave.

Hopefully after my shower I’ll be able to lay down for a bit and at least relax. I hope my mom and sister don’t want to stop in to see Morriss because my house is a mess. I haven’t felt well enough to do anything around here except survive.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. It looks like another beautiful day outside.

2. My mom and sister are going to church today.

3. My class starts Wednesday.


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