Smiling Through the Pain

I am in PAIN right now, but I’m still smiling because I have some things to look forward to. Sleep was very interrupted last night (that’s really nothing new).

I was out and about for a bit. I went to Panera’s to get a loaf of Asiago bread to go with my sausage spinach soup that I made in the crock pot last night. That was really tasty for dinner.

Staples has notebooks and dividers on sale and I mean a great sale. I would like to try to get there yet tonight. The notebooks are one cent with a $5.00 purchase and they have dividers on sale for .25 cents. I should get a black printer cartridge, but I’m not sure I want to do that just yet, I can’t really afford to and I still have some ink left in the one that’s in there. The way things are made nowadays you just never know if it will still be working past the current ink jet. We’ll see if I can even get out the door in the pain I’m in.

I think I want to work on my book about my old cat Buddy with my critique partner. I’m not sure. I have to decide and get busy working on that. I’m glad I have a deadline, even if I procrastinate until the day before. I am a master procrastinater.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. The sausage spinach soup that I made in the crock pot last night.

2. It as another gorgeous day out.

3. I have watermelon for dessert.


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  1. Remind me to email you the place where I get my ink cartridges

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