Morriss Mondays

Go away, it’s not Monday already is it?!?


Well, I guess it is. Mom’s day to slack off and make me write HER blog! At least the food’s been good thanks to a kind person who’s been buying me my favorite food. I wrote out a card for her last week and made mom deliver it. I hope she didn’t read it…

Mom was in a lot of pain yesterday, but somehow she went to church, dinner with her mom and sister, and after sitting on the couch and watching the news and debating with herself for a long time she even mowed the grass. Which meant she had to come in and throw her clothes right into the wash and herself into the shower. I could tell by that point her pain level was beyond miserable, but she told me she had to do her blog, and she did.

Mom had a really painful, interrupted night. Sleep really never came for her. I went to bed with her in hopes of making her sleepy. Us cats know a great way to make a human tired is to lay down next to them and show them what sleep looks like. It usually doesn’t take long for the human to become drowsy and fall into sleep too. But not mom. Her pain gets so bad she only sleeps lightly for an hour or two and then has to get up and walk and then lays back down again. I wish I could do more to help her.

At least mom got out a little bit yesterday. I was getting really tired of her being in my space all day. She didn’t leave the house for three or four days. It was getting on my furry nerves.

I’m sure mom will be home all day today. Hopefully she’ll be able to rest this afternoon.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I had the house to myself for a couple of hours yesterday.

2. I was in bed with mom most of the night.

3. I only have to do this blog once a week.


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