A Pastor With Pink Hair

This is Pastor Justin from Bethany Wesleyan Church. He works with the youth. The church had VBS (Vacation Bible School) last week and the children were challenged to raise $1,000 and their reward if they met the goal was Pastor Justin would dye his hair pink. (Keep in mind it will last a few weeks)


Obviously the children met their goal and true to his word he had his hair dyed pink. I wish I were a kid again, he is such an awesome youth pastor. The pictures were posted on Facebook and he said that as he was doing everyday things like grocery shopping a lot of people were avoiding looking at him and would look down or away as soon as they saw his pink hair.


I ran into Pastor Justin this morning on my way to the sound room and told him he’s really got a lot he can teach from this experience. How people look at our exterior appearance and judge who and what we are without even knowing anything about us.

I shared with him that I have seen this similar behavior in people since I’ve gotten heavy. Some people look right through me like I don’t exist at all or others won’t allow me to be a part of things because their preconceived notion is that I must be lazy because I’m fat.

And I also shared that I experienced it in my own family when I started seeing a black man. Racism is the worst of all. To judge someone by the color of their skin is so very wrong, but sadly it’s still alive and well.

So lesson for today: Don’t judge anyone by what you see. Get to know the person and find out who they are.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. Bethany Wesleyan Church ~ what an awesome place. The people are amazing.

2. I finally got the grass cut. One less thing to deal with next week.

3. I will be connecting with a fellow writer next week about our writing.



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2 responses to “A Pastor With Pink Hair

  1. Amen!

    I enjoyed this one, thought I felt a little less pain. Hopefully soon you’ll be up for that lunch.

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