Things I Need/Want to Do

I have an oak desk in my bedroom that I want to move to my office and get rid of the drafting desk that’s in there. I’ve been wanting to do this all week because the lady who bought the computer needed something to put it on and I thought maybe she’d be interested in the drafting table. Unfortunately my body has not been cooperating with me at all.

I have so much stuff on the oak desk in my bedroom that it will probably be a day’s job just to organize and get rid of stuff. And then even with the drawers out of the desk I’m not sure if I’ll be able to move it by myself. I do have the moving men things to put under it, but I don’t know if I’ll even be able to lift it to get the moving men under it. But I’ll never know unless I clean it off will I?

I also need to go through all my books and get rid of those that I don’t absolutely love because I have way too many. I really just need to get rid of lots of stuff in my house. There’s so much stuff in boxes that have been in boxes since I moved my house in 2003. I am just so fatigued and exhausted all the time it’s hard to get anything done outside of the things I need to do to survive.

I was wishing and hoping that my friend would be here for me and with me by now, but it’s over four years later and I’m realizing that once again I’ve just been used. He’s never going to be here for me. When I was so sick he didn’t make any time to come see me or help me, nor did anyone else. Time to re-evaluate my whole life and everyone in it. So that’s another thing I need to do is put him in an acquaintance category and forget about going out of my way for him like I used to.

I need and want to de-clutter my home, but I need the energy and stamina to be able to do that. Lord please help me.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I had an awesome dinner that I made in the crock pot (BBQ ribs) and some of mom’s potato salad that she sent home with me yesterday.

2. I didn’t have to be anywhere today. (Which was good because I woke up at 3:45 am in major pain this morning)

3. We’re having thunderstorms but they’re normal not crazy like last year.


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