Mixed Thoughts

After Sunday being so busy I had to rest Monday and Tuesday so I could go with my friend to my mom’s for lunch today. We had been planning this for a while but I wasn’t feeling well. I couldn’t cancel again. (People just don’t understand when I need to cancel and why)

I wanted to get so many things done, and the truth is I only managed to do the bare basics of feeding me and the cat and doing our dishes before having to pass out on the couch in overwhelming pain and fatigue. Ugghh!

I did look at the free courses online, unfortunately when I tried to download the PDF’s with the teaching points my computer told me that they would harm my computer and recommended I did not download. So that’s out. I still wish I’d be able to take this online course, but I guess it’s just not to be.

I need to write an essay for a site that may offer me some help. I’ve been wanting to do that the past couple of days too, but the pain fogs my brain and then I can’t think. Precisely why I can’t work. It’s hard to explain to anyone not suffering from it. When the pain, fatigue, and brain fog roll in there is NOTHING that you can do to be productive. Not even things you do all the time. If I try to do dishes in that state I will break things. If I try to take a shower in that state I’m putting my safety at risk. It’s just bad.

So anyway, today was a nice visit at my mom’s. I’m in a lot of pain and really fatigued right now so I’m going to shut down and call it a day.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. Cooler weather.

2. A nice afternoon at my mom’s.

3. Books to read.


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