Morriss Mondays


Last week was another rough week here. Mom was on the couch most of the week because she didn’t feel good. I know her shoulder hurt again because she kept getting the ice pack out of the freezer.

I’ve been doing good because she only has the air conditioner on in the living room during the day so I can escape to her bedroom and sleep on the bed where it’s warm during the day. I’ve tried to sleep with her at night but it’s too cold for me. So at night I’m in the living room on the couch because when she goes to bed she shuts the air conditioner off in the living room.

Mom must be feeling a little better because she went out a while yesterday and even went to the grocery store. And she came home with my favorite food and two boxes of cat litter. She told me the nice lady at church got me that. I think I need to ask mom for a thank you card for her. If I can write this blog why can’t I write out a card? I’m moving up in the world. Maybe I’ll be a writer just like mom someday.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. Mom is feeling better.

2. I have my favorite food.

3. It’s nice sleeping in bed all day.


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