Every rational thought in my brain says I should not charge the “Advanced Fiction Writing” Course. I just wrote out my bills and I have a whopping $35.00 to get gas and buy food with for the month. And let’s not forget about the property taxes that were due July 31st and the ones due in August. And how can we forget we’re still a month behind on the mortgage. Uggghhh!

I just looked up the LIHEAP guidelines for 2014 and I’m still $80 a month over the limit so I won’t be getting any help with my propane bill once again. My electric bill went up almost $10 a month for the new budget year because I used an infrared heater last year to supplement my heat because people said, “It will save you money on your heating bills!”. Yeah, no it won’t. You don’t get anything for nothing. You will pay for it somewhere. NOTHING IS FREE! IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE…… well you know the rest of that sentence I’m sure.

So what to do? This course is the first thing I’ve had to look forward to in a long time and I was so excited to learn something new and maybe break through the wall I’ve been hitting and possibly be able to make something of my writing. But….I can’t afford it. Hell I can’t even afford to eat and drive right now. Any suggestions?

I have a desk top computer I can sell and I mentioned it to the computer guru in our community, but I haven’t heard from him if he knows anyone who can use it.

I feel so overwhelmed and helpless right now. I just don’t even know which way to turn.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. Some of my bills are paid.

2. I’m caught up on my electric bill for now.

3. My stomach is starting to feel a little more normal after two weeks of suffering.



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3 responses to “Discouraged

  1. There is a way to set up a donate button on a website. My son did it for his trip to Germany. You would need a paypal account. You are a very good writer and if you offer something of value that would bring encouragement to people, like myself ,they may be motivated to help you in your time of need.

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