Cautiously Optimistic

I first bought a three pack of these ultrasonic pest repellers from a seller on Ebay at the beginning of July.


They’re supposed to emit ultrasonic sound waves through the walls and drive pests so crazy they have to leave. From what I read they work on mice fantastically. The reviews on ants were mixed, but I figured I had nothing to lose because I’ve been fighting a losing battle for four years now. The exterminator at least keeps them out of my house as long as I have him here once a month from about April until October. That’s seven months at $35.00 a month. (and he’s reasonable and doesn’t require a contract!) I figured if I could even cut that to every other month that would be an improvement.

I plugged them into various outlets on July 9th, the same day the exterminator was here. I told him he could laugh at me if he wanted to. But he didn’t. He said 50% of the time they actually work, unfortunately 50% of the time they don’t.

It rained shortly after the exterminator left that day and so all the stuff he sprayed outside washed away and within two days I saw a bunch of ants running around my skirting outside. (I’m now wondering if they were escaping from inside my walls?)

Fast forward two weeks, I’d been checking around my house outside every couple of days and I would see one or two ants but nothing more. Then while talking to the neighbor’s daughter outside over their fence I happened to glance down to the wood they have their metal fence anchored into and there were hundreds of ants running back and forth. I checked around my house before coming in and I saw one lone ant on my skirting.

I immediately came in to search online for more of these plug-in repellers. I had been moving them from room to room leaving the one in the kitchen behind the microwave in place. Amazing how the price had gone up in just a mere two weeks. I paid $24.99 for three of them and I was seeing $78.00 and up on Amazon for the same three. Back to Ebay. I found a different seller selling the three pack for $26.99 plus $3.99 shipping. I snatched them up.

I know it hasn’t been a month yet since the exterminator’s been here, but with all the rain we’ve had I would think I’d be seeing more of the little pests outside and like I said I saw hundreds of them running along the bottom of the neighbors fence.

So I now have six of them. Two in the kitchen, one in the hallway, one in the bathroom, one in my small bedroom and one in my main bedroom. It would be wonderful if they actually work; that would be $35 a month I could use to buy groceries with.

I am cautiously optimistic at this point. I will keep looking around outside my house and keep praying that these things are actually working.

I originally bought them because there were a couple of people on Amazon that reviewed them and said they worked great for ants. I’ve been fighting this battle with the ants for four long years and I’m tired. I don’t like having all those chemicals sprayed around me and the cat constantly in the summer. I wouldn’t mind spraying a couple of times over the summer but this every month thing is getting way too expensive for my strained budget.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I’m trying to focus on something other than my pitiful life.

2. It’s a rainy day so I’ll be resting.

3. I’m cautiously optimistic that these ultrasonic pest repellers might actually be working.


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