Morriss Mondays

It’s been a long week here. Mom has been so very sick. I’ve been worried about her. She still managed to take care of me and I love her for that.

Last night she was crying herself to sleep again. I know she feels like she isn’t important to anyone. It didn’t help that her friend stopped by, but he ran out of here and never even hugged her or said good-bye because he got a call that his little boy had to go to the hospital.

I think that’s why mom was crying so much. She was talking out loud saying she was never the little girl that anyone rushed to make sure was alright. All she’s ever gotten is pushed aside, used for whatever purpose people needed her for and then left on the trash pile when they were done with her, like an old rag doll.

I don’t understand why some animals and some humans are never loved and always hurt. What makes one animal or human more worthy than another for love? I can’t wrap my furry brain around that. All I know is mom deserves so much more. She spent all last week fighting just to do her everyday stuff. I can tell she’s really tired and in a lot of pain. Why isn’t anyone ever here for her?

Today I’m grateful for:

1. Mom loves me and takes care of me even when she can’t take care of herself.

2. I have a home.

3. I have food.


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  1. Morris, I can see you have your work cut out for you. You must provide encouragement for your mom! She has to find hope and embrace it. Can you find some positive things for her to read? I would love for you to go to my blog and read at least one article to her, Try to find the one called, “What Are You Doing in the Hole?” It’s kind of funny with a truth. We’ve got to get her to have hope so that can develop into faith because that’s when God and His angels can rush in and help! She needs miracles every day and the only way to get them is through hope and faith. All her blessings are just so close as I explain in “Just One Glass of Water, Please.”
    It’s great how you both count the things you’re grateful for. That’s a huge start to getting miracles! Please let her know I pray for her when I read the posts. She’s helping me understand what others go through so I can be more compassionate. Please let me know if she likes any of my posts. Have a great day. You deserve it. You are very supportive and I know that means a lot to her!

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