Not Eating There Again

Today was a fairly good day overall. I was up and out early to be in the sound room at church for the first service. I came home, had lunch, did wash, napped a little bit, and then met my mom and sister for an early dinner.

We went to Ruby Tuesdays. The salad I got was good going down, but after being there an hour or so it began creating havoc in my intestines. Needless to say I don’t know that I want to eat there again anytime soon. My sister had the same problem, although she ordered something totally different.

We went to Barnes & Noble after dinner so my sister could use her birthday gift cards and I could use the gift card someone from the church had sent me a while back. I found a haiku poetry book on clearance and two fiction books and they were covered by the gift card. Thank you God. That was fun.

I wanted to go to the grocery store for milk and strawberries on the way home, but my intestines wanted to come straight home as fast as possible. So they won. Tomorrow is another day.

I really need to get my grass cut tomorrow. So if I have any energy left after that I’ll decide on the grocery store.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. A great message at church this morning.

2. A nice afternoon with my mom and sister.

3. It felt much better in my home today. The heat outside broke a bit.


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