Dreaming of Getting Away

I’ve been dreaming of getting away the past couple of days. Not far. Just away. Go somewhere to a hotel with a nice pool and just forget about all my financial problems for a couple of days.

Maybe New Hope, PA where I could go and sit at a little cafe and write or down by the river. Or Bushkill Falls and sit by a waterfall and write. Or Florida on the west coast on the beach by the Gulf of Mexico.

Lots of dreams, but the reality is there’s no money for any of that and I don’t feel well enough to hike or walk far these days.

Reality is I woke up this morning with stomach cramps, dizzy, nauseous, in pain, wishing I could make it all go away.

Thankfully the heat wave is supposed to break today. It’s been up over 86 degrees in my house during the day with both air conditioners running for the past week. Probably explains why I woke up feeling so awful this morning.

Now the concern is the storms that are going to come through to break the heat wave. Please God keep them away from my home and car.

I was really agitated today. Beyond what is normal and healthy. I took another anti-depressant after lunch because I could feel myself getting ready to snap. I can’t stand this menopause anymore, it’s turning me into someone I don’t even slightly recognize.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. Even though I’m agitated I managed to pay what bills I could online. Still behind but some things are paid.

2. I took a nap after lunch for an hour.

3. Hopefully it won’t be as hot next week.


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