Brick Walls


Have you ever talked to someone and you thought to yourself, “I might as well be talking to a brick wall.”? If you’ve been on this earth for any length of time I’m sure you have.

As the years go by and you gain wisdom you begin to see these people for the blockheads they are even before you open your mouth and share your thoughts, thus saving your breath and aggravation.

As I was looking through my Facebook posts this morning I saw one of these blockheads had commented on a dear friend’s post. She was asking for prayer to strengthen her for an upcoming event in her life. I was so very glad to see that she had ignored this person’s words, but disappointed to see someone else had liked his comment.

My friend suffers from fibromyalgia like myself and many others who read this blog. We all know how very challenging this disease makes our every day life. However we still want to be a part of the world outside of our homes and contribute to society in some way even if we can’t physically work like everyone else.

God’s calling on her life and my life are totally different, nevertheless we are both very responsible and committed individuals. When we take on a responsibility we take it very seriously and follow through.

One thing I love about the leadership at BWC (Bethany Wesleyan Church) is I’ve not seen them tell anyone they couldn’t be a part of something because of a physical limitation. I love that.

What if Joni Eareckson Tada had been told that she couldn’t do public speaking as a ministry because she was quadriplegic. What a terrible loss that would have been for all those who have heard her speak.

As people and especially as Christians we need to stop telling people what they shouldn’t or can’t do and let God do what He’s going to do. WHERE GOD GUIDES, HE PROVIDES!

Today I’m grateful for:

1. The self-control God gave me not to blast that person for his heartless comment to my friend.

2. It feels a tad cooler in my home today than it did yesterday.

3. Frozen grapes are awesome treats on hot days like this.


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