A Tuesday With Morriss


I slept right through yesterday and mom forgot it was Morriss Mondays so I just let her go. I was hot and tired anyway.

So for this week it will be Tuesday. *Smirking*

Mom is really agitated today. No real reason, just that menopause thing she’s going through. I wish that would be over already. (So does she, I can tell) God, please help my mom…

It’s been really hot here. Mom is so good to me. She put aluminum foil over all the windows inside the blinds so we’ll be a little cooler. I know it’s a lot cooler than outside because when she took the trash out last night I went over to the screen door and I could feel how hot it was. It feels like an oven out there. So even though it’s not cold in here, the way mom would like it, it is cooler than outside.

Mom got something in the mail the other day and when she came home she picked me up, started crying and told me some nice person helped us with the electric bill. Then she asked me to pray for the mortgage to get caught up. I wish mom didn’t have to worry so much about money. I hope someone comes across this blog and likes what they see and offers her some kind of deal.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. It’s cooler in here than outside.

2. I have a home.

3. Mom loves me.


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