Lack of Nap

Two days in a row now just when I laid down to take a nap because my pain and fatigue had overtaken me, the child across the street fired up his motorcycle and proceeded to revvv it and ride it up and down the street over and over and over. AGGGHHHH!!! I wanted to go outside and shove that motorcycle so far up his ass he’d never be able to find it again! So you can see where my state of mind is today….

I was up at 4:00 am this morning so I could be dressed and showered and out of the house by 5:15 am to meet my friend by 6:00. He had three hours to spend with me this morning and I was so happy. Seeing him smile and spending time with him are two things that money can’t buy but give me more joy than anything else in the world. I just wish there was more time. I guess that will be it for at least a couple of weeks or more. *sigh* Nobody ever tells you that being an adult with responsibilities is a drag.

Even though I wasn’t able to rest and lessen my pain I still had a good day. I just wish I could flip-flop my day and have the majority of it spent with my friend and only three hours alone. I’m so tired of being alone all the time. But I’m too tired and broke to work on any new friendships.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. The time I had to spend with my friend.

2. Seeing my friend smile.

3. It’s cooler today.


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