A Great Day

My whole day was flip-flopped and out of the ordinary, but I loved every minute of it.

This morning at 5:15 am I was on the road to go and pick up a friend. We rarely get to spend time together because he works two jobs, but today he had a three hours available and he wanted to spend them with me! We talked and laughed and just enjoyed each other as the time flew by. Beautiful memories made and with my heart aching for missing him as soon as I dropped him off, I then went to Valley Farm Market.

I was out of everything and stressing about how I was going to get groceries, but I decided I need to eat and so I will get what I need and then figure the rest out later.

After Valley Farm Market I went to Wegmans for a couple of things. While I was at the deli counter a gentleman had a container full of pepperoni and I’m not sure how it happened but it jumped out of his cart and came rolling over by me. (I think on purpose) As I went through the store he kept popping up around every corner. And of course I couldn’t contain myself and would make comments like, “So you got that pepperoni under control?” “Watch that the pepperoni doesn’t escape on you again.” “Don’t let that pepperoni get loose in the parking lot, I may have to run it over.” We laughed and he flirted and I pretended I didn’t notice. Thankfully I had my tanzanite ring on my left ring finger. I think when he saw it he assumed I was married. I say thankfully because I can’t go through the pain of things not working out again. There are a couple of men I would consider, but they either don’t want me, don’t have room in their life for me, or don’t even know I’m interested. It’s ok, I’m still working on me.

After returning home early (before it got really hot and humid out there) and putting away all my groceries I went to the office to pay my lot rent and visit with Sharon, the manager. She is such a sweet lady. I love talking to her. I spent an hour there before coming home to have lunch.

Thankfully I took a shower at 4:00 am this morning before I started this crazy, great day. (I didn’t sleep at all last night.) But my schedule is all off kilter. I usually take care of the litter box and dishes and all my house stuff before I leave, but there wasn’t time to do that this morning. So I was doing that after lunch. But I didn’t mind at all because I had such a wonderful time this morning with my friend. I wish things were different and we could spend more time together, but life happens. I try to emphasize to him how short life is, but he’s still too young to understand what I’m talking about. I hope he figures it out before he loses the things that are really important.

Today I’m grateful for:

!. Three wonderful hours with my friend. Seeing him smile, talking, and having coffee together.

2. The man flirting with me at Wegmans made me feel pretty. (something I don’t feel too often)

3. I wore one of my dresses and was so comfortable all day.

4. I had an excellent dinner of garlic, spinach, and feta cheese chicken sausage, a salad, and brown rice and peas. YUMMY!



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7 responses to “A Great Day

  1. prayingforoneday

    Love it Linda..I shared it on my Facebook, hope this is ok…


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