Morriss Mondays (She’ll Never See Me)


Oops I hit publish before typing. sorry. I love when mom puts these curtains up between the hallway and the living room in the summertime. Then I can hide in between them and attack her as she walks through. It truly is the small things in life that entertain a cat.

Mom hasn’t been crying as much now she just goes around the house saying, “STOP! DON’T STRESS! IT WILL ALL WORK OUT SOMEHOW.” I’ve heard her talking to a friend about the mortgage and electric bill being a month behind. I wish I could help mom more than just writing this stupid blog.

She seemed overjoyed the other day when she told me she got a gift card for Barnes & Noble for $25.00 from an unknown person at her church in the mail the other day. Just what we need, more books. Oh how my fur crawls at the thought. I hope she puts them on her phone and not in the house.

Oh and by the way this picture:


IS NOT ME! Mom thinks she’s being funny putting that on the blog about the new church and me praising God like that. My praise to God is much more subdued than that. I’m much too cool for my fur to be doing something like that. Now mom on the other hand….well, if you know her at all, you know what I’m talking about.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I was able to set the record straight about the picture mom posted of me, that wasn’t me.

2. I’ve been having really great food lately.

3. The hairball last night didn’t kill me like I thought it would.


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