Writing Gems

This morning the writing prompt I used was,
“This is the hand you were dealt”.
After writing an entire notebook page and re-reading what I wrote I found two gems that I transferred to my writer’s notebook.

The first is a haiku:

Writing ~
a new-found love
late in life

I didn’t even remember writing that. As I was re-reading those words they jumped off the page at me and I was amazed. I’ve been reading a lot of haiku poetry so I guess the creativity is sinking into my soul now. I like that.

The other gem:

Keep struggling like the beautiful butterfly that eventually flees it’s confining cocoon.

My first thought when I read that was fleeing this broken body for a new one in heaven. My second thought was all these years of struggling through financial problems will one day be a distant memory when my destiny and my love of writing finally meet and make my life sweet.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. We didn’t have any severe storms where I live yesterday.

2. I had leftovers for dinner.

3. I accepted where my pain was today and didn’t beat myself up for not cutting the grass, even though it needs it.


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