Tornadoes and Ants and Lights Oh My

TORNADO WATCH! Words I absolutely hate. My entire area is in a tornado watch until 10 pm. Lord please protect us.

I never remember weather like this when I was a kid, but then again we didn’t have all the news people screaming at us all day either.

On a good note ~ I went to the chiropractor today and then to get water. When I got home I did an ant check around the outside of the house and saw a bunch of ants climbing up and down my skirting by the corner of my bedroom. OH HELL NO!!! So great motivation to clean out that corner of my bedroom and closet. I didn’t see any in the house but I vacuumed real good and sprayed ant spray until the exterminator can get here. I got rid of a bunch of stuff. Two comforters for a twin size bed that I don’t have anymore, sheets, clothes, old broken crutches. All in all a very productive crisis.

The chain on my ceiling fan for the light in my living room isn’t working right so I took that apart yesterday to find out if the light socket was separate or combined with the fan. My friend said it’s a good thing that it’s separate I may be able to get that part from Home Depot or Lowe’s for less than $4.00.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I got part of my closet cleaned out and got rid of some stuff.

2. I had a decent dinner.

3. I found a skirt and top I’d been looking for at the bottom of my closet.


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