Last Sunday in the Gym


Today is the final service that I will be running the program for the lyrics in the gym at Bethany Wesleyan Church. I will miss this quiet time in the gym in between services, writing my blog and listening to the muffled voices of a couple of musicians talking while I type.

I’m looking forward to the new worship center opening next week, but I always feel melancholy when a chapter in my life closes. I have been in the gym sound room for over a year now, maybe even two. I’ve enjoyed working with all these people so much. We have some really great musicians and sound tech people. I know I will be working with some of the same people in the new worship center, but it will be different. This atmosphere has been very relaxed. Not that it won’t be relaxed in the new building, it will just be kicked up a notch.

The new building is amazing and I will be posting on that after our first services are held next week. I’m sure the first service is going to be remarkable. The sound room is a lot bigger and more high-tech so obviously it will be different from here in the gym and I will be on the cameras and not the lyrics program so that will be different too. So I guess what I’m trying to say is it will be different, a new chapter in my life and the life of Bethany Wesleyan Church.

If you’re in the area come and check it out. You will be amazed, not only by the building, but by the people, the music, the message, everything. This truly is a great place to be.


Today I’m grateful for:

1. One more experience in the gym to close this chapter.

2. It’s another beautiful day outside.

3. Air conditioning because it’s going to be hot today.


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