Wonderful Day

Today was my last meeting as a board member with GLVWG (Greater Lehigh Valley Writer’s Group). I feel a little sad about that, but I am looking forward to hearing about other volunteer opportunities with this group.

So the day started with the board meeting and then the general member meeting. I won a book in a raffle “Finding Author Success” by Deborah Riley-Magnus. That made me very happy because I never win anything.

Then came the poetry workshop presented by Marilyn Hazelton. I wasn’t sure if I’d be interested in that or not. She was talking mainly about Tanka and Haiku poetry. I stayed for the morning session and I was intrigued by the excerpts she was reading.

I decided when I started this writing journey that I want to learn as much as I can about all different aspects of writing. So I decided to stay for the afternoon workshop also.

There was an hour and a half lunch break in between the morning session and the afternoon session. Everyone went to Wegmans for lunch, but I had brought my lunch and went out to my car to eat alone. I had gotten an issue of “red lights” filled with Tanka poetry from Marilyn before they went to lunch and the last hour of my lunch I spent reading. I was enchanted.

When the group came back from lunch, James handed me this coupon and told me next time I’d be able to come along.


I almost started crying. The fact that he understood why I chose to eat alone even though I didn’t tell him, and the fact that he thought of me while he was having lunch made me feel like I mattered to someone. I’m sure he has no idea how big that small gesture was to me. I’m so used to being treated poorly by men that I couldn’t believe just how very sweet that was. That’s why I almost started crying. He is a kind man, and I always look forward to seeing and talking to him. And he’s a gentleman who knows how to open doors for a lady and let’s ladies go first. Just so very nice and refreshing to see.

To make the day even better I found that I truly adore haiku and tanka poetry. I enjoyed trying my hand at writing some too. Here’s one of my haiku’s

Unconditional Love –
Cat’s fur
Cat’s purr

and one of my tanka’s

Tears cried
in a lonely prison
of pain
only to emerge
to daylight again

Today I’m grateful for:

1. Keeping an open mind and learning about haiku and tanka poetry. It’s opening up a whole new experience in writing for me.

2. James and the kindness he showed me today and the conversation we enjoyed.

3. Feeling well enough to participate in the writers group today.


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