Another Long, Tiring Day

My body is SCREAMING IN PAIN right now. I didn’t do anything amazing or earth shattering. All I did was go to lunch with my friend and then I went to Sears for string for my weed eater and Staples to see if they had the plastic ear piece for my blue tooth. A couple of hours and now I am SUFFERING!

I made sure I didn’t even have to drive out of my way. Everything was within minutes of each other. I’m so tired of this body. I know things could be worse and I am grateful that I can get out and about on my own, I just wish I didn’t have to suffer so much for so little.

On a good note I had a really nice lunch with my friend (her treat). Sears had my weed eater string and it was easy to find and not too expensive. And my blue tooth was on sale for $14.99. (With this LG Intuition phone you really need a blue tooth because the speaker phone sounds awful and the phone is too big to hold up to your ear). So all in all it was a good day.

When my friend called I got up and cut up and cleaned the fruit I bought yesterday while we were talking. I was in pain, but I knew if I didn’t get the fruit prepared I wouldn’t have anything to snack on tonight or tomorrow. I also wanted to get the trash out tonight so it wouldn’t be sitting in the garbage call all weekend attracting ants back to my house. (The trash goes out tomorrow.)

Thankfully tomorrow I don’t have to be anywhere so I can rest all day. (And I’m just sure I will need too!)

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I have weed eater string for my next weed eating adventure.

2. I have a blue tooth and it was on sale 50% off.

3. It was another beautiful day.


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