Long Tiring Day

Today was a long, tiring day, but a good day. I met my mom and sister at Wal-Mart and then we went to my friend Bonnie’s house for lunch. Bonnie has two adorable kitties and my mom and sister love kitties. So we had a nice lunch and hung out for a couple of hours talking and playing with the kitties.

Then I went to Wegman’s because I was driving right by and I needed fruit. I was really too tired to do that, but I had to push myself because my refrigerator was bare and with gas prices so high I couldn’t justify driving twenty minutes one way on another day to do my grocery shopping. So I did.

I had a simple sandwich for dinner because I was too tired to even heat up my left overs from last night. It’s 5:20 now and I’m ready to go to bed. My body is screaming in unbearable pain and the fatigue is fogging up my brain. So I’m going to make this a short post and go rest.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I have fruit.

2. I had a nice day.

3. It’s a beautiful sunny day outside.


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