Should Have Done This First

My agitation level is building rapidly once again. I think it’s time to take my once-a-month dose of anti-depressant.

I should have written my blog first but I had other things I needed to do on the computer so I decided to get them out-of-the way first. BIG MISTAKE! I found myself yelling at the computer and screaming because I was getting so agitated. I almost didn’t even bother writing this tonight, but then I would have let myself down.

Who would think printing up attachments would be such a fiasco. But I’m finding even though Google chrome is faster to do my blog I can’t open attachments in Open Office through Google chrome. I have to use internet explorer for that. And… internet explorer is slower than molasses in January. Hence my AGITATION!

On a good note I received a message from Dr. Ehrig today and he said my x-ray of my right knee didn’t show any fractures or anything dislodged. There’s moderate arthritis buildup which I already knew but nothing earth shattering. So I either tore my meniscus or the tendon. I guess all things considered I’m doing pretty well.

I had a nice surprise at 6:00 am this morning. My friend came by before he went to work to cut my grass and we had coffee and talked for a while before he had to leave at 8:15 am. That was such a nice surprise and made me so very happy.

So why am I so agitated right now. I DON’T KNOW! I feel like there’s an alien living in my skin that wants to get out. I really think I need to break down and take that pill when I log off tonight. I wish this menopause would go away already, I AM TIRED AND DONE WITH THIS PART OF MY LIFE ALREADY!!!!

Today I’m grateful for:

1. My friend coming this morning and cutting my grass.

2. We didn’t get any major thunderstorms.

3. I had a good dinner.



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7 responses to “Should Have Done This First

  1. qg

    taking an anti depressant once a month won’t work, it takes 3 weeks for it to start working, you have to let your brain get used to it. the side effects and they do go away. It’s a chemical problem, not something you can fix on your own.

    • Under normal circumstances you are absolutely right, but my life and health is far from normal and this is the treatment that my doctor and I have agreed on so therefore this is what is right for me. I have been under my doctor’s close care every month for the past 15 years so I think he knows me and my situation far better than you do. Thank you for your concern. Have a great day.

  2. prayingforoneday

    Chin up xx
    I know where you are in your mind.. x
    And well done saying what you are grateful for.
    I know I can often I can be tired and done with parts of my life…

    Get your chin up..
    You are blessed with more than you know..
    Besides you have me as a friend..

    Get Skype installed, we will have Audio chats..Good fun
    x Let me know

    • Yes I do have you as a friend, and for that I am very grateful.

      does Skype count towards data usage?

      • prayingforoneday

        em, no don’t think so.
        It is a free programme, like, say MSN or WordPress. Once you are on it, it is all free.

        I take it you are either on a phone with a date allowance or have a deal with your internet provider where you get say, 10 gig a month?

        Let me know. I think you should be fine. I don’t see the difference between connecting between Facebook, Twitter, Word Press or Skype..Date is just Date…
        It does count towards Date but just “Online Date” as if you were surfing the net..
        You are not downloading anything apart from the programme..

        That make sense?

      • Yes that makes perfect sense. Yes I do have limited data. 8Gb a month. That’s for my phone and netbook. 🙂 I will look into Skype. Thanks.

      • prayingforoneday

        8gb is ok. Best to use Skype or most things on your Smallest Device. That way you are using less Date…Like my Phone, I have unlimited internet, my Tablet I took the £10 Sim deal, 20gig I get with it. And I am never off it on Skype and have never been over billed for going over it..

        Hope that makes sense.. x
        If you are online, you only take a lot of Data if you are downloading songs etc. If you are just on the internet browsing etc, you use very little, and the smallest gadget the better. I have Skype on my PC/Laptop/Tablet and Phone..If I at home, I have unlimited 120mb speed, so they all connect to that. And there is no caps. Only think I need to be careful is with my 10 inch Samsung Pad, But I only use it for browsing. I use my Main PC (The one I am hard wired to my modem on now) for downloading. I just downloaded 4 gig’s worth of movies..

        So, small device.. Phone, Iphone or Play Market for Android, it is free.. xx

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