Morriss Mondays


Oh my there’s a man on the porch!

Mom finally fired up the computer so I can do my blog post. Of course this is an interruption of my late afternoon nap.

Mom took this picture of me on Saturday when there were men here fixing the steps outside (where that yummy little bird was a couple of weeks ago). I was on the back of the couch looking over mom and I saw a man on the porch through the window in the front door and it scared me, but seemed to amuse mom. I almost fell off the back of the couch, which I didn’t think was funny at all.

Mom seemed happy about the steps. I’m so glad someone came to help mom, she’s so overwhelmed.

The reason I’m late blogging today is mom had a doctor appointment and then she told me she had to go and have an x-ray of her knee. I’m glad she’s having it looked at. I worry about mom. She’s been getting around better, but she still ices her right knee at least once a day. I hope it’s nothing major, who would feed me? Oh dear. I can’t get my fur up.

Mom hasn’t been quite as agitated lately, but every now and then she has a mini outburst. I just stay out of her way. She tries to talk herself through it by saying, “Stop, relax, stop, relax.” Sometimes it works better than others. I wish there was something she could take to calm her down, but she’s so sensitive to all medications.

I admire mom, she deals with a lot of issues everyday, but she still takes care of me and does what she needs to do, even when I can tell she’s really tired.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I have a great mom.

2. Mom said “Happy Father’s Day” to me yesterday. (No one’s ever said that to me before.)

3. Cat snacks ~ Yummy!


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