Mom’s Doctor Appointment

Today was my mom’s one year check up with Dr. Hugh Moulding for her neck. (She broke her neck June 1, 2012 and Dr. Moulding was her neurosurgeon) She had an x-ray of her neck a week ago and so today he checked her strength in her arms and legs and balance and her x-ray.

Dr. Moulding was amazed she’s doing as well as she is. The injury she had to her neck could have left her paralyzed from the neck down and breathing with a machine. God answered my prayers the night of her accident when I was in that hotel room praying all night. Thank you God!

We’ll do this again in a year to make sure everything is still good and none of the screws in her neck come loose.

On our way back to her car I told her I wanted to get the rubber tips for the legs of her walker. It was so loud and the metal was ruining floors wherever she went. So I went to Walgreens first but they didn’t have what we needed. They told me to go to Helping Hands down the street. I never even knew that medical supply place existed. And I still wouldn’t have found it if I hadn’t used my GPS because there was no sign on the road for it. The guy had to replace the bottom half of the back legs and then put new tips on because the plastic and metal on the other ones had become one and he couldn’t remove the tips. $6.00 later I was on my way out. The nice man didn’t charge me for the legs. (there are still good people in the world.)

Then we were off to Perkins for an early dinner. Since we had missed lunch we were all ready to eat.

Now I’m home and doing my blog. I’m so glad mom had Dr. Moulding as a neurosurgeon. He’s such a nice man and an excellent surgeon.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. A great check up on mom’s neck.

2. Dr. Moulding.

3. I’m tired and in pain, but it was a good day.


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