Morriss Mondays


(sleeping next to mom on the couch during The Tony Awards holding her hand.)

I was busy watching the birds when mom told me it’s time to write my blog. I told her, “Later” and she said, “NOW!” I reminded her that she’s been writing her blog entries later in the day, but that didn’t work. So I’m going to try to make this quick because I have some food I want to finish and birds to watch.

Mom had a busy week last week and her knee still wasn’t working right. Thankfully she hasn’t been using that metal contraption to walk anymore. (that scared me!)

As soon as mom comes in she takes care of me or if she has to put things away she’ll do that first and then take care of me. Her next stop is the couch to lay down and put ice on her knee. I sure hope it’s feeling better soon because I hate to see mom in pain. Well, more pain than normal.

She was looking through some old notebooks yesterday and reading what she had written. I could tell she was really into it because I stood there looking at her and she didn’t even see me until I jumped up on the bed and scared her. I didn’t mean to scare her.

Last night we were watching a show on tv, “The Tony Awards”. Mom started weeping during the Cinderella performance and then she picked up her notebook and started writing. I’m assuming you’ll find out what that was about in a future blog. She picked up the remote like she was going to shut off the tv and then decided not to and we ended up watching the whole three hours. I enjoyed the time next to mom on the couch even though I didn’t want to be petted.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. Mom’s not using that big metal thing to walk anymore.

2. My food.

3. Naps.


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