Mail and Stuff

I finally checked my mail today. We have lock boxes at the top of the community and sometimes it takes me three or more days to get there. If I’m not feeling well I just don’t worry about it. I’m glad it’s locked so I don’t have to worry about my mail which is a relief.

I got a nice surprise in my mailbox this morning. A friend that reads my blog and one of her friends that’s been reading my blog sent me $40 to help with my finances. Thank you my friends. I think I will use that money for the groceries I’m going to need next week. One less thing to worry about.

I was in so much pain last night and all day today. I know I’ve just plain done too much this past week. Thankfully this week coming up is quiet so I can rest and recuperate.

A friend of mine told me the other night that my knee goes out-of-place every year in May or June. He’s known me fours years. I said, “Really?”
So today after church I got out my notebook of morning pages from May and June of 2012. I’ll be, May 25, 2012 my knee went out-of-place. I wonder if it has something to do with changing from shoes to sandals?

I also read about the day my mom broke her neck in a car accident on June 1, 2012. I was away and very worried about her and got so sick when I came home. I was on the verge of pneumonia from the stress my body went through not sleeping and worrying.

Then I read a little about the days following when mom was having hallucinations every time she closed her eyes. She was seeing bloody feathers, and people who had already passed all bloody and bloody cats. It sounded like a zombie movie. Thankfully that passed. I think it was all the medication she was on.

I am so thankful to Pastor Robert and Andrea Arrington for visiting my mom when I wasn’t able to and praying with her and praying for her in the weeks to come. My mother loved them so much and I’m hoping to get her to my church so she can show them how well she’s doing a year later.

Pastor Robert and Andrea are moving to New Jersey in August and I will miss them greatly. I know life is all about change and they have their whole life ahead of them, but they will be missed. I can’t imagine being a parent and having to watch your children move on with their lives. It must be very bitter-sweet.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I have a quiet week coming up so I can rest my painful body.

2. Even though I’m in pain I still WANT to write my blog.

3. The surprise in my mailbox today.


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