Another Exhausting Day

One year ago on June 1st my mom broke her neck in a car accident. I was clear across the state in Erie, PA praying in a hotel room the entire night. 

My mother was blessed to get Dr Hugh Moulding for her neurosurgeon. My doctor was shocked she got him on an emergency like that. I praise God that He was watching over my mom through that whole ordeal. From the couple who stopped and stayed with her until the police and ambulance got there – to the cop insisting she go to St Luke’s Hospital –  to Dr Moulding.

My mom is walking with just the aid of a walker these days. She got her license back and has another car.  Overall she’s doing very well.

Today was her one year follow up xray so I took her for that and then she treated me to lunch.  Next Friday is her appointment with Dr Moulding to see how her neck has healed.  And before coming home I stopped to pick up some fruit.

I am so totally exhausted and in so much pain right now I am posting this entry on my phone while laying on the couch trying to keep my eyes open.

Today I’m grateful for:

1.  Mom doing as well as she is.

2.  I have some fruit.

3.  Laying on the couch.


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