I had time to post to my blog before I left for church but I didn’t feel led to do it then. Now I know why. I’ve been trying to collect my thoughts ever since I left the service at Bethany Wesleyan Church this morning.

First some background information. We were supposed to have the grand opening of our new worship center today, but late Friday afternoon we found out we would not have the required permits in place so it was a no go. I got the message on my Facebook page from Pastor Kevin. I didn’t think too much of it because I’ve been through so many postponements and disappointments in my own life I’ve learned to just roll with whatever happens.

The pews in the sanctuary had already been taken out and given to another church. I and others on the tech team had been in training all week preparing for the big day. The praise teams had rehearsed and were preparing for the big day. Pastor Kevin was working on his first message to be given in the new worship center. All the necessary components were coming together. And then….it’s a no go. But this amazing group of people made sure that services went on without a hitch. Instead of people complaining they just jumped in and made it happen and made the best of it and it was probably one of the best services I’ve ever been too.

But I never thought about how very disappointed my Pastor would be. He spoke such truth this morning about PEACE. One of the many things I like about Pastor Kevin is his transparency. Those of you who have been reading this blog regularly know the challenges I’ve been going through this year and I know if it wasn’t for my pastor admitting that he has challenging times and speaking of them in his messages I’m really not sure if I’d still be in church right now. Listening to him I realize no matter what is going on in my life God is still God and I need to be in the house of God on Sunday.

Pastor Kevin is an incredible leader and he and his co-workers for Christ have created a haven of love and acceptance unlike any I’ve ever seen before. The building is wonderful, but the people are what makes this church.

Even with the disappointment of the grand opening being postponed the people weren’t griping and complaining, instead they pitched in to create plan B and made sure we had an awesome service.

And to think last week I was laying on the couch with ice wrapped around my knee feeling sorry for myself that I wasn’t able to be at the last service before the new building opened. So God gave me another service today.

What I really admire about my pastor is when people suggested that he would be within his rights to file a lawsuit because of this glitch he said, “No.” His thoughts were that someone involved in this situation or watching this situation might find Jesus because of it.

What I also find amusing is that God was speaking to me about this subject of PEACE early on this week when I found a free book for my Kindle, “Calming the Storm Within: How to Find PEACE in this Chaotic World.”

No one in church was grumbling about the setback, instead I saw happy people talking, hugging, smiling, laughing, praising, and coming together to worship God.

The phrases “It is what it is” and “What are ya gonna do” were things people said to the pastor when they found out the news. I realized upon leaving the service this morning that my pastor was struggling with all this, but instead of grumble and complain he turned to God, sought out His Word, prayed and let the peace of god guard his heart.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. Bethany Wesleyan Church. What an awesome place to be.

2. Pastor Kevin and his transparency. That’s what keeps me coming back every week.

3. All the people who came together to make the service happen today.


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