I made it to last night’s training for the lighting and Pro Presenter (similar to Powerpoint). I didn’t think I was going to because I had such a migraine yesterday. Probably because it jumped to 91 degrees.

We’re now in our first heat wave of the summer. And I DON’T like it. I was breaking out in hives just driving from the chiropractor to home and I had the air conditioner on in the car. UGGGGHHHH!!!!

Back to the training. I’ve been running the Pro Presenter (program that puts the lyrics on the screen for the congregation) for a while now, but this is the first I’ve known enough to ask questions. Since I’ve been running it, I now know what to ask.

The lighting training was WAY over my head, especially with a migraine. I listened. And then I asked two key questions. 1. Will someone be with me the first time I’m scheduled on this? and 2. Will there be pre-sets for things that are normally used? The answer to both was “Yes” so I didn’t get too wrapped up in learning how to set things up. I won’t be on that for at least two months or more anyway so I’d forget by then. I know where the presets will be and a little bit more. So I’m good.

Tomorrow morning is a rehearsal for Sunday morning to see how it all comes together. It will be different for sure, but it’s a great group of people so I’m sure it will be great. The worst part for me is the head set. We never had those before and it gets tangled in my curly hair and hurts my head. So I think I’ll try putting my hair up in a pony tail and see if that helps at all. I pray it doesn’t hurt my head too much.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. The exterminater was finally here so I’m protected from the ants.

2. I made it to the training sessions I needed to make it to.

3. I don’t have to be anywhere in this heat today.


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