Just another Day

Praise God my knee is feeling a bit better. I know that’s a message to me from my body that I need to get this weight off. I’ve been working on it, but it sure is a slow process when exercise is almost impossible. Not only does the fibromyalgia flare when I exercise, but I break out in hives when I sweat. There are other issues too, but I won’t get into that now.

I just can’t understand the math of gaining and losing weight. I can put five pounds on without hardly even trying, but it takes almost killing myself to lose one pound in a week. Ugghhh!!! But I will press on.

Last night was training on the sound board. It looks like something taken out of a space ship. I think I learned a little bit, but by the time I’m scheduled to be on it I won’t remember any of it. I made sure to ask if someone would be with me to help me when I am scheduled and yes they will so no worries.

I got a jumpstart on the lighting training. They have a really nice map drawn out of the lights and what they correspond to on the computer. So that will be helpful.

Tonight is ProPresenter and lighting training. The ProPresenter looks to be the same as it was, just fewer lyrics being shown at a time. So I guess tonight I’ll do what I did last night, go from one area to another to pick up helpful tidbits of information.

Saturday morning we have a run through to see how it all comes together. And Saturday night is the first official service at 5:00 pm. I’d like to go to that, but I’ll have to see how my body is feeling by then.

Today the chiropractor and exterminator. (I’ve had to reschedule the exterminator three times now because of rain.) Gotta get the ants before they get me.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. My knee feels better.

2. The exterminator to control the ants.

3. Coffee seems to be helping my headache a bit.


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