Near Tears

I’ve been on the verge of tears for two days now. I never made it to the writer’s group meetings or workshop yesterday and I never made it to the picnic. Instead I was on the couch with my leg wrapped in ice and elevated. And feeling very sorry for myself. The two things I looked forward to for the whole month and I couldn’t get to either one.

I made myself go to dinner with my mom and sister tonight because I just couldn’t bear being alone in this house all day again. Thankfully the young man who cut my grass before knocked on my door this morning and asked if I wanted him to cut my grass. I said, “Yes, thank you so much!” I couldn’t afford the $10 but I really don’t know when this knee is going to go back into place so I had to do it.

I so wanted to be at church today for the last service before the new sanctuary opens next week, but I just couldn’t imagine trying to walk from the parking lot into the church knowing I had to get to the grocery store today.

The grocery store was a whole other adventure. I was in so much pain limping around to get what I needed. I wanted to find a quiet corner in the store and just curl up and cry, but I knew I couldn’t or they’d be carting me away to the local psych ward. Although there are moments that doesn’t sound like a bad idea. But who would take care of Morriss.

I’m still feeling so very overwhelmed and tired. After I got all my groceries and the cold stuff put away, I got out the ice and laid on the couch for a half hour.

This is why I’m so late posting this. I’ve been busy working through the pain to survive this thing I call a life.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. The phone call this morning from my friend Bob in Florida. I miss him so very much.

2. I managed to get groceries even though I was in major pain.

3. I can rest tonight and all day tomorrow.



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7 responses to “Near Tears

  1. I know it is SO EASY to say but please try to focus on those positives and remember that tomorrow will bring new reasons to be thankful.

    Always hear if you fancy a chat


    • I do know that but I do get down and frustrated and my blog is where I air those challenges. I appreciate your encouraging words. Today is a better day.

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