Pain Changes Plans

It’s a late posting day for me. I was up early waiting on the exterminator, but the rain kept him away. (It’s useless to spray outside in the rain.) And then I had an early lunch with my friend. It was nice to see another person.

I’ve been alone in the house all week because my knee has gone out-of-place and has made my walking very painful and unstable. I finally got a crutch out of the closet from when I broke my foot back in 2007. (Thank God I’m a pack rat!)

I sure hope my knee decides to go back into place soon. I have a busy week next week with training for the new sound room at my church. I already missed the first session on the soundboard due to this knee I hope I don’t have to miss anymore. But I really don’t have any control over that I guess.

I’ve been icing and elevating and doing everything that I know to do so I will wait and see what happens. Meanwhile all the little things I need to do have become huge projects. I need to fill the gallon water bottles at Weis Supermarket because I don’t drink the water here since it tested positive for some nasty stuff and made me sick a while back. (So lifting and toting gallon water jugs with a bum knee, hmmm not sure I can do that right now.) I need to get some groceries. Walking around the store may be an issue, so that may have to wait.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to be at a board meeting, general meeting, and workshop with Greater Lehigh Valley Writer’s Group, but I will have to see how I’m moving and go from there. My friends are also having a picnic tomorrow. I would love to go to that because I love talking and laughing with people. And there I don’t need to worry about being on my feet if I can’t. Time will tell what my body will allow me to do.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. A nice lunch with my friend.

2. This blog and all the people I’m meeting.

3. Morriss said he has a blog ready for Monday. Hmmmmm uh oh.



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2 responses to “Pain Changes Plans

  1. I hope you get to go to the picnic and I’m really enjoying the things you’re grateful for. It has inspired me to make my own list, and I’m going to do a blog about it. I hope you don’t mind. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I don’t mind at all. The reason I started doing it is because I was in a pit and felt miserable and remembered I used to make the inmates in my prison ministry classes list three things they were thankful for everyday.

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