Taking a Deeper Look

I’ve been running on empty far too long and it’s time that I refuel and recharge and start really taking care of me. I love volunteering and doing things for others, but I’ve been doing that at the expense of taking care of me and the things I need to do.

In a perfect world everyone would help each other and the burden wouldn’t be so heavy, but this is not a perfect world and being a single woman in this world is EXTREMEMLY hard when you’re disabled.

I’ve been really looking at and evaluating my life these past few months and trying to figure out what it is I want my life to look like. Of course I want a husband, but I can’t do anything to bring that about. Things I can control and work on are:

1. Lose weight. (and I have lost 8 of the 13 pounds I put on since December.)

2. Write a novel. I have the idea percolating and some ideas on paper, now I need to learn how to do this by doing it.

3. Steven Manchester has asked me to review two of his books, the latest hasn’t even been released yet. So I am a “professional reader” on netgalley.com. I think I want to pursue that further and see if I can review other books.

4. My finances are a disaster. I don’t know what else I can cut but I really need to look deeper. Or maybe I need to find another place to live. I’m not sure, but I really need to work on this.

5. Maybe write some magazine articles, which would require me to learn how to write a good query letter.

All that said I have very limited hours in a day that I feel well and have energy. So in the two to four hours I get in a day I need to focus my energies on the above and not trying to volunteer and run other places.

I will still be volunteering at my church because that’s important to me and it’s only one service, and most importantly I enjoy it.

I love the writer’s group, but the distance from my home for the meetings is challenging financially and physically. So I think I will just back down to going to the meetings when I can and maybe volunteering for a couple of things at the conference next year.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. Steven Manchester asking me to review his new book “The Rockin’ Chair” before it’s even been released to the public.

2. I have left overs for dinner tonight so I don’t have to cook.

3. I have some goals to work towards, now I just need enough energy to work on them.



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2 responses to “Taking a Deeper Look

  1. Sounds like a definite plan, Linda, and one that will work for you. Have you discovered any online writing sites which might help with query letters etc? I’m active on authonomy.com, and it really helped motivate me into finishing my first book. Plus, I got so much advice there; just as much and just as helpful as when I attended an actual writing class. I know there are other sites out there, but I tend to stick with what I know. The only other writing site I use is bookkus.com. One of my books is up there for review, and there are heaps of other books to review too. They’re crying out for decent reviewers and you can do as many or as few as you like. You’re not going to get paid to do it, but if you’re ever feeling like you “need” to be doing something but can’t physically move about, it might help you feel less useless (you’re not actually useless, but I know how easy it is to feel that way). Good luck with your plan. x

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