Morriss Mondays


It was bill paying day and mom is really upset so she asked if I would mind filling in again. I sure hope she isn’t going to make a habit of this, it’s interfering with my nap time.

She said to title it Morriss Mondays because her friend Bob mentioned that. I like Mondays with Morriss. Which do you prefer?
Morriss Mondays OR
Mondays with Morriss ?

Mom threw my schedule off yesterday. Usually she goes to church, comes home, has lunch, takes a nap, and then goes to meet her mom and sister for an early dinner. But she went to the grocery store directly after lunch yesterday. Confusing human.

I was surprised that she was going and wished I could have told her not to. I was worried about her the whole time she was gone. She had a dizzy/shaky spell before she went to church and was eating grapes and drinking lots of water to try to overcome it. She gets these at least once a week. Most of the time she just lays down, but when she feels she needs to get somewhere she’ll eat something and drink a lot of water. I guess it must help. But I still worry until she comes back safely.

When she came back I could tell she was really tired and so even though I was hungry I stayed out of her way. She had a lot of bags to carry in and I know that’s really hard for her. She takes them from the trunk and puts them on the porch through the railing and then comes up to the porch and carries them in a couple at a time. Then she has to put the stuff away. It usually takes her a day or two to clean the fruit and freeze the meat she’s bought. I could tell by the way she was moving she wouldn’t be doing it last night. I so wish I could help her.

She was talking to that man on the phone the other night and I guess things aren’t going well. She cried a lot after she hung up and was talking to herself about him. Now you may wonder what I think about him. Well, I like him. He always says hi when he comes to see mom. He’s given me food off of his plate when he’s eaten here. But he never has any time for mom and she deserves better. Why can’t he help her with anything? The way he looks at her I know he loves her, but he’s doing a crappy job of showing her. From the way she was talking to herself the other night I guess she’s trying to convince herself to just let him go. I wish she could find someone to love her she’s so lonely and having such a hard time keeping up with everything. And even though she dresses nice everyday I know she doesn’t feel beautiful. Because no one ever tells her she’s beautiful. I try to tell her with my eyes, but I don’t know if she picks up on what I’m trying to tell her.

It’s so hard being a cat. Not being able to talk or do anything to help. Some days I just feel so useless. And I hate being held and kissed, but I let mom for a couple of minutes because as her friend Bob said, “It’s fur therapy and that’s what’s expected of me in return for all mom does for me.”

Today I’m grateful for:

1. Mom made it home safe yesterday.

2. Mom trusts me to take over her blog once a week.

3. Mom was able to buy some groceries. (I’m sure that’s why she’s crying paying her bills today, there’s probably not enough money left to pay everything.)


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