House Journey

Morriss is laying on the couch next to me as I type this and I told him he’s an internet sensation because his blog got more attention in one day than any of mine have. He just blinked at me as if to say, “I know I’m awesome, why the surprise?”

May 19, 2001 I moved into this home. I never would have expected the journey that was to begin.

When I moved in I was walking away from my best friend and ex-landlord that I had spent eight years sharing life’s moments with. She decided after my aneurysm surgeries, fibromyalgia diagnosis, and the death of my dad that she wanted me gone. She disguised it as an allergy to my cat because she knew I would never get rid of my cat. (When I take in a pet it’s for life. I will do whatever I need to do to keep us together.) I knew the truth was she didn’t want me dying in her apartment building and she was tired of dealing with all the drama that had become my life. I wish she would have just been honest with me, but she couldn’t for some reason. She never even said good-bye. She told me to just leave the keys to my apartment on the steps and she would send my security deposit in the mail.

My heart was broken as I began my life in a new home, a new town, and alone. It didn’t take long and I met Buddy, the gray and white cat that saved my life and changed my life.

Five months after I moved in I got a new neighbor, Frank. His truck had a sign on the front of it that said, “I AIN’T RIGHT!” I intended to stay far away from him, but that wasn’t his intention. He was 57 I was 35. He intentions changed directions when he found out my age. Him and his brother George looked out for me like I was their daughter. We had many laughs and fun times together. I miss them every day.

September 11, 2002 we were given one year to move our homes somewhere else because the land had been sold. A Five Guys restaurant now occupies the land where my house once sat. George ended up in Florida, Frank in Delaware, and I twenty minutes north of where I was.

That was one of the most stressful years of my life. Trying to find a mobile home park that would take my home, that I could afford the lot rent, that wasn’t too far away from Dr. Ehrig. It was a nightmare.

So I’ve lived in this house 12 years, 10 years at this location. Sweeti and Buddy (kitties) both passed away in 2007 within three months of each other. Morriss came to live with me in 2008. I started dating in 2009 and the past four years I’ve been wishing and hoping that the man I love would be here with me, but it’s not going to happen.

So today, ironically I’m deep in thought about some life changing decisions that I need to make in the next couple of months. One is, I need to walk away from the man I love because after four years nothing has changed and so it never will. Two, I need to figure out if I can find a way to keep my home,or where I can move that I’ll be able to afford. It’s all too much to face, but I know I have to. I just wish that the happy moments would outweigh the sadness and trials.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. Morriss will be blogging one day a week for me.

2. I got to see my friend Bob on Friday for a couple of hours. I miss him being in my life, but no matter how much times passes it’s like no time passed at all.

3. I felt well enough to take care of my friend’s cats while she was away for a couple of days.


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