New Church Building/Changes

Hard to believe this will be the last Sunday I’ll be in the soundroom in the Family Life Center at Bethany Wesleyan Church. As of June 2, 2013 the new long-awaited sanctuary will be open.

I’ve managed to avoid seeing it for the most part. They’ve had a couple of tours but I didn’t want to see it because I want it to be a complete surprise, like when you open a long-awaited gift on Christmas morning and you’re totally surprised and awed.

When I washed my car last week as I was driving back home I came face to face with the outside of the building that I had avoided seeing. I couldn’t miss it on my way back over the ridge from the car wash. It was amazing. I tried not to look for too long for two reasons. 1. I was driving and 2. I still want to be completely awed when I see it for the first service.

I know I will still be completely in awe when I walk into the new sanctuary because Bethany Wesleyan Church is amazing and everything they do is first of all God inspired and secondly done to the best human perfection possible. Every event, service, and meeting is well-organized and thought out. It’s so refreshing to be a part of such an awesome church.

Life is all about changes. Some big, some small. Some welcomed, some not so welcomed. Some good, some not so good. Some expected, some totally unexpected. I know my life is changing in many ways and I am very uncomfortable in my own skin right now. I know over the long-term the changes will be welcomed when I come through the other side, but right at this moment it’s really hard.

Just like the new church building. I for one am totally excited and looking forward to the new chapter, but then others are just not happy or comfortable when things change. Changes can be hard, but I for one am trying to welcome them instead of fighting them. After all they are just changes.

When I think of all the changes it took to bring me to where I am right now, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. I’ll be sharing Mother’s Day dinner with my mom, sister, and a friend we’ve invited along.

2. Great music to listen to and make me smile.

3. It’s a beautiful cool day out.


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