Bone Tired

I am in major pain this morning. I know my body is retaliating because of all I did in the last two days. And I know I will be in pain for at least a week. But frankly, I DON’T CARE!

My car was so disgusting I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to wash and wax it. I’m really glad I did even though it’s raining today. Now I can watch her bead up. I love that. So that was body irritant number one.

Yesterday after a nice lunch with my friend I looked at my grass and saw how high it was and I also saw two ants crawling on the skirting of my mobile home. So it’s time to have the exterminator come again before they find their way in. Which means I don’t have $10 to pay the young man to cut my grass. (well honestly I don’t even have money for the exterminator and my electric bill right now so grass cutting is a luxury I can’t pay for at all)

So I got my lawn hacker (I mean mower) out and checked the gas and oil, both were good, and fired her up. She started after priming her about twelve times. I then proceeded to hack the lawn. The blades are sharp, I just had it serviced last year, she’s just too old. It’s a mulching mower, but it doesn’t mulch anymore. Instead it clogs and clumps. The bagger doesn’t sit right so if you use that it just blows grass in your face so that’s useless.

Then to pick up all the clumps left behind by the hacker. I couldn’t even imagine trying to weed eat I was in so much pain by the time I got done hacking. That will have to wait until next time. Plus I think I need new string. (yet another thing I don’t have any money for.)

And of course to end a long painful day I had to immediately come in and throw my clothes in the wash and jump in the shower or I’d end up in a full-blown asthma attack because I am so allergic to everything outside.

So I am tired and in MAJOR pain, but my car is done and my grass is cut.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. The anonymous donation of Morriss favorite food.

2. I can rest today.

3. At least I know why I’m in pain today.


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