Looking Back

Happy Birthday Dad! He would have been 77 today. (no today’s blog isn’t about him.) I did a blog about him a couple of days ago.

I went to the Cherryville Car Wash yesterday to wash my car. There’s a sign in the bay that says, “No Bucket Washing in the Bay”. So I have a system when I wash my car. I pull up to the vacuum first and vacuum the car. Then I pull into the bay and soap the car up with the high pressure hose. Then pull out of the bay and park off to the side and get my bucket with Dawn dish liquid and hot water and my wool mit and hand wash my car. Then back into the bay to rinse her off. Then I pull out and dry her off with microfiber clothes. Then I bring her home to wax, windex,and armor all her. (This has always been one of my favorite things to do. I can’t do it as thoroughly and well as I used to, but I do the best I can.)

As I was pulling out of the bay after rinsing the car off a young man, Mike, signaled for me to roll down my window. So I did. He proceeded to thank me for reading the sign and actually doing what it asked. Not to bucket wash in the bay. He told me if the car wash isn’t busy I can feel free to bucket wash in the bay. The sign is for when they’re busy so you’re not tying up the bay. (makes sense)

Mike and I talked for at least a half hour about all kinds of things related to cars and about Ken Smith. He passed away a while ago, but he had worked at the car wash up til the day he died. He was in my Sunday school class and used to hand out coupons for free washes at the automated car wash. That’s how I found out about Cherryville Car Wash. I would have never known it was even there if not for Ken.

As I was waxing my car that conversation made me think of all the other things in my life that have happened because of people.

When the pipes in my apartment on Freemansburg Avenue started leaking and the landlord was not doing anything about it and I moved to Linden Street and into Linda’s apartment building. We were both Linda’s with pets named Baby (her’s a blue and gold parrot, mine a black and white cat). We were best friends for eight years until I had surgeries and my dad died and then she decided that she didn’t want me there anymore so she told me I had to get rid of my cat. (she knew I would never do that.) She had a mental illness that made her act very strange sometimes.

So I moved to Airport Road into a mobile home. I met George and Frank. Brothers. Older gentlemen. They taught me how to laugh and have a good time. We lost electric there as soon as a raindrop fell so we spent many hours together getting ice cream and riding around in their air- conditioned trucks to avoid the heat of our homes. That’s also where I met Buddy (my all time favorite cat).

Less than two years later I had to move my home because the land had been sold and I had to move my trailer to where I am now. I would have never been to the Cherryville Car Wash if I never moved up this way. I would have never gotten involved in the prison ministry where I met Quadir who made me see that I am a beautiful woman and I do deserve to be loved. I would have never had the courage to meet Derrick who taught me a lot about technology and most importantly told me about WordPress. I would have never met Tommy. I would have never known about Bethany Wesleyan Church.

All that to say this: As all these thoughts and more rambled around in my brain yesterday and today I thought about Garth Brooks song “The Dance” (listen to it on youtube if you’ve never heard it!) I listened to that as I was writing my morning pages today and the lyrics…”Glad I didn’t know the way it all would end…Our lives are better left to chance. I could have missed the pain, but I’d a had to miss the dance.” jumped out at me. It’s true most every painful experience in my life has led me to a deeper place. I’ve met some amazing people. I would have never tried NanoWrimo, or found the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group. Without all the stuff that happened over the years I wouldn’t be here writing today.

Today I’m thankful for:

1. My car is clean and shiny. (I’m in major pain, but it was worth it.)

2. The sun is shining.

3. My girlfriend invited me to join her for lunch today so I can drive my shiny car to meet her.



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2 responses to “Looking Back

  1. Black Butterfly

    It’s always the little things. Enjoy your clean, shiny car!

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