Finance Update

Thankfully my shoulder is much improved. I think I could benefit from physical therapy, but there’s no money for the gas to get there. So I’ll go to the chiropractor on Thursday and call it a day.

I’m sinking fast financially. I can’t pay my electric bill at all. My lawn mower doesn’t work right anymore. (It is 18 years old) I had it serviced last year and it did nothing to improve it. So I either have to pay the young man $10 each time he comes or get a new mower. Neither of which I have any money for.

Looks like this week I have to bite the bullet and turn in my cable box. I only have limited basic cable with not many channels but it’s $31 a month and I can’t afford that anymore.

There’s not much else I can cut. I haven’t had a hair cut since December (and I’m hating that!!!!). I don’t go out to eat unless someone else is treating because that’s certainly not in the budget. I don’t go to movies or buy movies. I get my books free on kindle or at the library. I don’t go anywhere unless I absolutely have to.

I really don’t know what else to do. I know I’m scared. And I’m alone to deal with all this. And I don’t like it.

I am hopeful that maybe my storyline from yesterday may turn into something worthwhile. But that’s not a right now fix. I don’t know what the right now fix is. I wish I knew.

Today I’m grateful for:

1. For today I have a roof over my head.

2. I have food for today.

3. Morriss has food for today.



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2 responses to “Finance Update

  1. Cheering you on and hoping things will turn around.

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