She Ran Away (fiction)

The following came from a writing prompt this morning and I’ve not changed or edited it in any way. I was thinking about the mom who ran away twelve years ago and just turned herself in to authorities in Florida. I haven’t listened to the whole story on the news, but this is what I imagined happened.

WRITING PROMPT: The moon made me do it

Driving away from her life she thought about what she’d tell people when they asked, “Why?”. She knew she’d only avoid the questions for so long. She knew she couldn’t just up and disappear. Or could she? Maybe she could. They’d eventually stop searching for her.

Why? The pain was too great to bear. Her husband was leaving her for another woman. Ripping her heart out of her chest because she still loved him.

Desperation set in when she realized she’d never have enough money to support her children.

Why? Everyone said she’d be ok, she’d make it, she’d figure it out as she went.

How do you take two children, without bad-mouthing their two-timing a– of a father, when you know there’s no way you’ll have enough money from your pidley little job to support yourself let alone them, because he never wanted you to work.

Why? The moon made me do it….

Today I’m grateful for:

1. Writing.

2. Church today.

3. I have enough money to pay some of my bills.


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